Episode 93

The Looper Episode: Retired PGA TOUR Caddy Scott Martin & Caddy Tales


November 27th, 2020

2 hrs 10 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

We dedicate this episode to the unheralded teammates that help pro golfers find sucess.

We share many caddy stories on this episode, from ones submitted via our social media channels, to audio clips from pro caddies who have been part of wins on the PGA and the LPGA Tour.

Joining us for a lengthy feature interview is Scott Martin. The Montreal native spent 23 years caddying, mostly on the PGA TOUR but starting on the Canadian Tour and finishing on the PGA TOUR Champions. He shares the high and lows of looping and the emotional curve balls along the way. From being deep in debt, to winning, to confrontations with players who disrespected him. And he tells us why the life hooked him in even when many would call it quits. It's honest, entertaining, and a deep inside look at the career few endure for so long.

Birdie vs Bogey is chock full of caddy questions and, as always, your MailBag questions make us put on our thinking caps as we formulate opinions on the matters you care about.

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